A.M. Best Rating Reaffirmed

By Jordan Gisler| August 24th, 2020 | company-news

According to A.M. Best, "IIC's historically solid operating profitability and resulting excellent capital position reflect its experienced management team, conservative operating strategies, established agency relationships, and local underwriting expertise within the Texas marketplace."

The Excellent rating is assigned to companies which have, on balance, excellent financial strength, operating performance and market profile. In the opinion of the A.M. Best Company, these companies have a strong ability to meet their ongoing insurance obligations.

In response to the reaffirmed rating, CEO Dave Talbert stated “it is gratifying that A.M. Best has again affirmed its recognition of Insurors' strong operating performance and surplus appreciation achieved through a commitment to consistent underwriting practices, focused customer service metrics and risk diversification.”

For A.M. Best's Ratings, an overview of the rating process and rating methodologies, please visit www.ambest.com.

A.M. Best is a leading, worldwide recognized independent rating agency which reports on the financial strength of insurance companies.

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