Insurors Indemnity's Bond Seminars

By Jordan Butler| June 7th, 2021 | Insurors Indemnity's Bond Seminars

Did you know...when you are an agent with us, you get access to free CE Classes?!

Somers Goodman, our VP of Surety periodically offers two 1-hour online CE classes on commercial and contract surety. These introductory classes are ideal for new surety producers, or for agents who want a refresher on surety!

In addition, we hold two in-person Bond Seminars annually at our office in Waco, Texas! Our in-person Bond Seminar is a more comprehensive course, provides 11 CE hours and the opportunity to get to know your underwriters and our staff!

For upcoming seminar dates, or information regarding agency appointments, please contact Jordan Gisler at!

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