Amy Starnes - Underwriter Profile

By Rhett Dawson| October 28th, 2014 | Amy Starnes - Underwriter Profile

Amy has been with Insurors Indemnity Companies eleven years, as of last month. Starting as a bond assistant, Amy has progressed through a number of jobs at the company and has a strong working knowledge of our online bond system E-Surety as well as Surety underwriting.

Interested to learn about how Amy came to be an underwriter, I asked her to tell me a little bit about her back ground. Amy's father was in construction in Waco and she grew up in Waco. While looking for a new job, her step sister who worked in an insurance agency, recommended that Amy apply for the bond administrator position at Insurors Indemnity Company.

Looking back now, Amy recalls, “I had no idea what a bond was when I started eleven years ago!" Today Amy deals with literally hundreds of bonds as a commercial bond underwriter and has trained several bond underwriters in the company over the years.

When I asked Amy what she enjoys about the job, without missing a beat she said, “The interaction with agents – some of our agents have such big personalities and I enjoy that; whether it's hearing a joke or just talking with them about their agency and the jobs we are working on."

The other aspect Amy finds interesting about surety underwriting is the scope of the work. “Even though we literally write hundreds of bonds," Amy tells me, “there are still times when I get a request for a bond that I've never written before. You are constantly learning in this job, and I find that keeps it interesting."

Today, she and her husband Robert along with their daughter Kyndal live in China Spring, which is a small community right outside of Waco. Her daughter Kyndall is an avid softball player and plays Little League softball in China Spring for the Central Texas Dirty Diamonds team. When Amy is not at a softball game or working she enjoys hunting, fishing and hiking.

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