Contractor Class Feature - Landscape / Gardening

By Rhett Dawson| April 22nd, 2015 | Contractor Class Feature - Landscape / Gardening

Imagine this scenario:

You've been in the lawn care business for several years and have never had more than a broken window here and there you have had to replace for a customer. You get a call on a new job in a great neighborhood.

The timing couldn't be better. Summer is just getting started and you have a full schedule for the week. Your new guy is all excited to get started and show you what he can do. You drop him off and tell him you will be back in 45 minutes after you finish another yard on the next block.

When you return you find the lawn's only been half cut; a new car in the driveway has a large scrape running down the side; the two dining room windows in the front are broken and the customer's prized rose garden is trashed, apparently by the wheels of a commercial grade mower. Your new guy is nowhere to be seen.

When you finally reach him, he apologizes and explains the damage to the car occurred when the riding mower took off after he was knocked off it by a low hanging branch in the customer's yard; that happened because he was distracted by the windows which were broken by bedding rocks which he accidentally ran into and the roses were caught in the path of his runaway mower.

He couldn't finish the job because he went to the ER for a concussion and lacerations. And, oh by the way, he needs the name of your Insurance Agent to file a claim to cover his ER bill and lost wages since he won't be able return to work for a few days.

Don't think all this could happen? Well, it did, and it does.

This is where Business Liability/Property and Workers' Compensation coverage are an important protection for a landscape gardening contractor to have.

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