Everett Phipps - New Employee Profile

By Rhett Dawson| February 25th, 2015 | Everett Phipps - New Employee Profile

Looking to deepen the underwriting bench with a credit analyst, Somers Goodman, the VP of Surety Underwriting approached Everett about joining Insurors Indemnity Companies. When asked about what motivated him to accept the offer, Everett responded that the opportunity to be part of a growing company and use his skill set to evaluate a broader set of risks across multiple states was very appealing.

Having been in the role for almost three months Everett is learning the nuances of the surety business. When asked about the most challenging part of the job, he paused for a second and then said "learning the terminology," which is a different language from what he was accustomed to in banking.

Outside of work, Everett is engaged in the community as a Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer, member of the Northwest Optimists Club of Waco and serves as a board member for the Young Professionals which is part of the Waco Chamber of Commerce.

He is also an avid basketball player and is currently coaching an under-10 youth basketball team. The passion for basketball runs deep in Everett's family with his oldest brother, Turner, playing as a guard for Baylor in 2003-4 and his second brother, Will, is in his fourth season as Director of Basketball Operations at Valparaiso University. In addition to basketball, Everett also enjoys hunting and fishing.

Congratulations are also in order as Everett is newly engaged to Carlie Gilmour after proposing on Valentine's Day!

We are excited to have Everett onboard, and you can look forward to working with him as he gets more involved in surety underwriting.

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