Gail Locker - Underwriter Profile

By Rhett Dawson| September 18th, 2014 | Agents

The first things that you notice when you look at Gail’s desk are the two huge computer monitors with pictures of buildings, reports and database searches pulled up. With detailed notes covering a legal pad Gail is busy researching a recent submission.

When I ask Gail what personality traits a good underwriter has she laughs and replies, “A little bit of cynicism!”

Gail’s work as a Property and Casualty underwriter is a lot like being a good detective. Looking at a potential risk from several different angles has resulted in an excellent loss ratio for the department. One of the things I was curious about were the most unusual submissions she has seen come across her desk.

Without missing a beat Gail responds, “Well, I had one lessor’s risk that was classified as a dating service. I was thinking something like an E-Harmony setup. When I pulled it up online it was a Gentlemen’s Club!” Did you write it? “Umm, no I declined that risk.”

She continued,” I do remember a little catering business we wrote in College Station. They started as a tiny business and now they are nationwide. That was really exciting - to be able to see that happen.”

Interested to learn about how Gail came to be an underwriter, I asked her to tell me a little bit about her background. Gail made her way to Waco having been born in North Dakota and raised in Gillette, Wyoming. She met her husband, Jesse, in Laramie, Wyoming, and that’s where her three daughters were born (Sarah, Jackie and Paige). Around the time that Paige was three, one of Jesse’s friends who was from Waco asked him to move to Texas to help him with his electrical business.

Once in Waco, Gail got a job with a Credit Union starting as a teller and working her way up to a real estate loan officer. Deciding that she would like to try something outside of banking she applied for a job at Insurors where she was hired by Tom Chase to work in underwriting.

Today, Gail and Jesse live in Waco. Jesse is an inspector for the City of Waco and they have just bought some land near Tradinghouse Creek Reservoir where they are planning to build a house. Their daughter Jackie along with their granddaughter, Mari, live in Waco. Gail’s second grandbaby is on the way as Jackie is expecting a boy and will be having their first grandson! Gail’s oldest daughter, Sarah, lives in Mansfield and their youngest daughter, Paige, lives in San Antonio.

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