How to Protect Your Agency From Online Hackers

By Rhett Dawson| April 22nd, 2015 | How to Protect Your Agency From Online Hackers

What do Anthem, Target, Home Depot and Sony all have in common?

All of these companies have been the victim of some of the largest data breaches in recent history. Hackers have stolen customer information, emails, millions of social security numbers as well as credit card numbers.

Sensitive emails cost Sony's CEO her job and Target's CEO was forced to resign in the wake of its data breach. The costs of mitigating the fallout as well as the reputational damage can be significant.

Unfortunately, today's reality is that it is not only large companies, but also medium and small businesses that are targets. According to experts the most common attacks could be stopped if the victimized company had required more than one password to enter its network.

This happens because users often use the same password and email address to access multiple accounts. Once hackers have this information they can easily use the email address and password they have stolen to access multiple sites associated with the user.

Even encrypted passwords are fair game to hackers as Adobe found out after they lost 33 million users' login credentials in 2013 and security researchers were able to unscramble them.

So what can you do to protect yourself and your agency against a hacking attack?

The answer lies in a new technology that is surprisingly simple but robust -a small hardware device that offers two-factor authentication. Basically, this means that the user provides two forms of identification; something you know (a PIN or a password) with something you have (a physical devise).

A token made by Yubico acts to verify someone's identity – this small USB token can be inserted into a computer to transmit a unique ID. This physical device will work with any computer or device that supports a USB keyboard or that has Near Field Communication (NFC).

Organizations such as the U.S. Department of Defense, Google, Salesfoce and Norvatis are already employing this inexpensive technology to guard against data breaches.

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