Insurors Indemnity Companies' New Board Member

By Rhett Dawson| March 15th, 2016 | company-news

The newest member of the board of Insurors Indemnity, Justice Bill Vance, was born in Bryan, where he stayed to receive a BA in Economics from Texas A&M in 1961. He attended the University of Texas School of Law for his JD Degree, and worked as Assistant County Attorney of Brazos County after his admission to the Bar. He went on to become the County Judge of Brazos County and engaged in private practice in Bryan-College Station over a twenty-seven year period.

After moving to Waco to join the Tenth Court of Appeals, Justice Vance became acquainted with Insurors Indemnity Chairman Tom Chase. Twenty-five years later, Tom invited Justice Vance, now retired, to join the Insurors board.

During his judicial career, Justice Vance attended the University of Virginia Law School to earn a Master of Laws degree in the Judicial Process, a program limited to appellate judges from around the country.

When asked how his friends and family would describe him in five words, Judge Vance said, "I can do it in one: reserved." But a reserved personality does not mean inactive. He has served on multiple boards and committees, both in the private sector and in state and local government. He was active in the State Bar of Texas, including a term as a member of the Board of Directors.

In retirement, Justice Vance loves to travel. "Italy," he said, "England, France, the Caribbean, any U.S. National Park," just to name a few of his favorite places to visit. As someone with great merit, Justice Vance is also an extensive reader. His background in law doesn't limit him to any specific genre, though. His most recent topic of interest? Music theory.

The two insurance companies he has worked with in the past, as well as his extensive résumé, make Justice Vance an excellent addition to the board. He hopes his past experience will bring a different point of view to the table.

When asked what he wanted the public to know the most about his newest endeavor, Justice Vance said, "It's a delight for me to be part of a growing company that has so much to offer the insurance-buying public."

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