Underwriter Profile - Jackie DeLaFuente

By Rhett Dawson| April 22nd, 2015 | Underwriter Profile - Jackie DeLaFuente

Born in Wyoming, Jackie moved to Waco, Texas when she was six. She attended Baylor University where she obtained a bachelor's degree in psychology. She went on to complete an MBA degree through Tarleton State University.

While attending Baylor, Jackie went to work for an insurance agency in Waco where she worked part time in a processing role. After three years and graduating from Baylor, she became the small business account manager. When an opportunity to join the Insurors underwriting team presented itself, Jackie applied for the position and was hired.

When asked about the most challenging part of the job, Jackie responds, "Not really knowing what you are writing, you can only do so much to make sure you are aware of everything that goes on with a risk; ultimately you have to trust the agent you are working with."

This is where Jackie feels her experience being on the other side of the table as an agent comes in. Knowing what goes into putting an application together, she can often get a sense of what she can do to work with an agent on a risk.

Outside of work, Jackie is a busy mom raising her five year old daughter, Mariana and her new seven month old son, David with her husband Elidio. They met in middle school and went on to become high school sweethearts.

Jackie likes to relax by either baking or getting into a Netflix TV series. She is a self-confessed enthusiast when it comes to watching back-to-back episodes and gave up Netflix for lent!

We are excited to have Jackie onboard, and you can look forward to working with her as you submit P&C risks.

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