Coverage for Older Buildings

beige concrete building under blue sky during daytime by chris robert
Photo by chris robert on Unsplash

Using Insurors Indemnity Select (IIS), we can provide insurance coverage for older, well-maintained buildings.

Underwriting considerations include:

  • Overall condition of the property

  • Type of business conducted on premises

  • Electrical, plumbing or heating updates

  • Condition of the roof

Get to know Insurors Indemnity Select!

Insurors Indemnity Select, or IIS, is our new surplus lines company.

Using IIS, we can provide coverage for risks that align with our main street appetite but fall outside of our standard company's underwriting guidelines, giving you the opportunity to grow your book with Insurors Indemnity!

*Currently, Insurors Indemnity Select (IIS) is only available in Texas