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*Notice: All Surety losses/notices must be filed in accordance with applicable State Statues AND in accordance with the conditions as set forth in the Bond Form

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For agents submitting a claim on behalf of a client, please continue to use a loss acord form via email at

What to Expect When You File A Claim


A Call To Discuss Your Claim

Within 30 minutes or less of filing a claim, a claims representative will call you to discuss your claim and at that time will provide you with a claim number, adjuster information and will request any additional information that may be needed.


Written Confirmation Your Claim Has Been Received

In addition to a phone call, you will also receive written notification that your claim has been received, either in writing or via email.


Fast, Friendly and Fair Handling of Your Claim

Throughout the process you can expect fast, friendly and fair handling of your claim. If you experience anything different please call 1-855-759-3721 or send an email to our Vice President of Claims, Michael Vieregg at

Our Claims Department

Available 24-hours a day.

We have people standing by in dedicated departments to help you get the information you need to report a claim. You can also use our online reporting form to file your claim.

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