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Claims Center

Our goal is to make the process of filing your claim stress-free! To file your claim, please use the form below, or call our claims department. Your agent can also file a claim on your behalf.


Call our Claims Department

Available 24-hours a day. We have people standing by in dedicated departments to help you get the information you need to report a claim.

Claim Type

The information required may vary based on the type of claim.

Claim Type

Insured information

Please provide a permanent mailing address.

Location of Loss

For agents submitting a claim on behalf of a client, please continue to use a loss accord form via email at A loss accord can be found by visiting the Agent Dashboard.

Claims process

What to Expect When You File A Claim

A Call To Discuss Your Claim

Within 30 minutes of filing your claim, a representative will call you to provide your claim number, adjuster information and request any additional information.

Written Confirmation Your Claim Has Been Received

In addition to a phone call, you will also receive written notification that your claim has been received, either in writing or via email.

Fast, Friendly and Fair Handling of Your Claim

Our goal is to provide you with fast, friendly and fair claims handling. If you would like to discuss your claims experience, please call 254-759-3859 or send an email to our Vice President of Claims, Michael Vieregg at