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Insurors Indemnity is looking for independent agents who value a strong relationship and are capable of producing meaningful levels of profitable business


Submissions are quoted fast with the availability of our online rater, ACT, phone quotes, and your dedicated underwriting team who have access to a number of markets.

Common Sense Underwriting

As an underwriting company, we work with you to offer competitively priced coverage and analyze the unique aspects of each risk.

Holistic Approach & Competitive Contingency Program

With multiple lines of business and a wide variety of products available through our internal and external companies, your underwriter has multiple options to deliver a competitive quote for your client. Our competitive contingency program provides multiple opportunities for agents to earn a bonus.


In order to be considered for an appointment with Insurors Indemnity Companies, you must be a licensed insurance agent in the state where you plan to write business. Our application process includes a criminal background check and a review of historical agency performance.

If you are already appointed with us and would like to explore additional states or lines of business, please contact our Vice President of Business Development, Rhett Dawson (

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