What is Premium Financing?

By Jordan Butler| April 18th, 2019 | What is Premium Financing?

As a business owner, financing your insurance premiums, and combining your commercial policies into one monthly payment is an effective way to manage your cash flow.

Put simply, premium financing is a type of loan that covers the cost of an insurance premium, generally provided by a private premium financing company. Using premium financing, a business can combine several premium payments, into a single payment that occurs in installments. This offers insureds several benefits:

-Flexible payment schedule and APR’s

-Less stress surrounding large premium payments

-More even cash flows month to month to keep their business running smoothly

In addition, premium financing is available on a wide variety of commercial property and casualty policies, including:

-Commercial Auto

-Commercial Package

-Umbrella Policy

-Commercial Property

-General Liability

-Errors and Omissions

If you think this could be a good option for your business talk to your agent about what premium financing options are available.

If you are an agent who is looking to offer a competitive premium financing option to your clients feel welcome to learn more about how Roadrunner Premium Finance Company can help by emailing support@roadrunnerpfc.com.

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