Reminder: Please Send in a GIA when Issuing a Commercial Bond

person writing on white paper by Cytonn Photography
Photo by Cytonn Photography on Unsplash

What is a General Indemnity Agreement (GIA)?

The GIA obligates the named indemnitors to protect the surety company from any loss or expense that the surety sustains as a result of having issued bonds on behalf of the bonded principal.

Why do I need a GIA?

It is important to have correctly signed and witnessed GIA on file for all issued bonds in the event there are any claims made against the principal.

Where is the GIA for a bond I issued and how do I get it signed?

When issuing a commercial bond directly from E-Surety all agents need to have the GIA (typically page 4 or 5 in the document set) signed on all signature lines indicated by a printed principal name and witnessed. No bonds should be released without a fully executed GIA.

The witness does not need to be a notary for commercial GIA’s as long as it is not a family member of the signing principal.

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